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Category: Travel

Naga – The Snake God.

Being a citizen of India, I admire people’s belief and superstitions. They have their own stories to talk about. Like today i.e. 25th July 2020, is celebrated as Nag Panchami. […]

Ripley’s Made Me Believe It!

I remember seeing the purple cover book held by my bench partner, who was flaunting around with other classmates, during my high school. I wondered, what was so peculiar about […]

My First Day in Mauritius

‘Mauritius’- People call it as one of the romantic destination. A destination to spend time with their soulmate, to know each other, to capture crazy and beautiful memories, and what […]

A Tea To Remember

After 29 days in Redditch, the feeling of leaving that place and going back to Mumbai was woeful. Since we had 1 more day left, not even a complete day, […]