I am Navya Shetty, a small town girl currently living in a city of dreams – Mumbai, India. I am a cinematographer by profession and storytelling about the places, humans and emotions is my work. The passion towards travelling and photography made me choose my profession.

I have always been more ardent about sharing stories to my friends and families, whenever I visit one. Which is where made me open my own blog to share with more viewers and express about my opinions regarding that place and which can somewhere help to get more explicit detail, get in touch and exchange our perspective.

As my website name speaks for me, it is a travel blog. Where I would share my point of views with experience, my travel diaries, changes in life I have come across, food related experience, lifestyle, culture, in-short everything. Also, I might bring up some of my own poetries, just in case you want to read some variation. I hope to inspire my viewers through my passion of traveling and my experience with life.

“We all are not meant for one particular place, let’s make the whole world as our native place.”

Navya Shetty

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