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The historical event happened after 70 years in Shirva Nadibettu Mane

Hello! Hello!

I hope you all are safe and sound. 🙂

It’s been quite a long time, I have written any blog. The reason being, I am currently in my birth place – Mangalore, Karnataka and had planned too many things, but unfortunately, rain ruined everything.

In Mangalore, you can only experience 2 types of climate either it’s sunny or rainy. Where 70% of the time, it is raining.

It is my 23rd day to be precise and it has been continuously raining heavy in Mangalore, actually in whole South Canara District lately. Thousands of houses are damaged especially in Udupi district. Apparently, this heavy rain in Udupi witnessed approximately after 30 years.

So, why did I decide to write a blog today?

2 days ago i.e. on Sept 20, a video and the news went viral about the flooding rain in Shirva Nadibettu.

Shirva Nadibettu house is my ancestral house. And if you are in your homeland surrounded with the people who are connected to their roots and traditions then the story is worth sharing, don’t you guys agree?

Shirva Nadibettu Mane

The Shirva Nadibettu house is the traditional home of prestige in the village of Shirva in Udupi District. The house is roughly 800 years old and is present on the banks of Shirva river namely Papanashini river. Recently, they started a tourist facilities and is considered one of the tourist attraction in Udupi.

Shirva Nadibettu House. Courtesy: Beauty Of Tulunad

What was the news all about?

Due to heavy rain, the river reached the main stairs at the house’s doorway. As per our family tradition, if the river reaches the main stairs, we need to offer “Bhagina” to the river meaning we offer a brown coconut, rice, flowers, bangles, red powder (kumkum), turmeric powder, mud lamp (diya), a betel nut, jaggery, betel leaf on a banana leaf to the river.

The last time when this ancestral ritual was performed, my grandmother was young. So, its almost after 70 years this historical event happened.

It is believed, when all the family members offer “Bhagina” together, the river goes back and leave the house.

The flood has been decreased but the rain in South Canara is still in no mood of saying Goodbye. Anyway, someday I would love to write a beautiful blog on the history of Shirva Nadibettu House and share it with you all. Till then, I will keep this blog a little short and explicit.

Thank You for reading. <3

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