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A Peculiar Town & It’s Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple in Coorg

In this blog, I want to tell you about the place I visited years back and yet many Indians are not much aware about it.

So let me brief you how did I happen to visit this place.

During 2013, I was studying in senior secondary school. It’s quite common in India, when you have summer holidays, you pay a visit at your Grandmother’s house. So, my mother and I, decided to visit Mangalore in the month of May. Apparently, we stayed for a one whole month; besides my school hadn’t announced the re-opening’s till then.

Mangalore is one of the place in India which always has a convectional rainfall and due to that reason, even if it was summer vacation, we had to lock ourselves at home. And with no doubt, it was quite like a feel of lockdown.

One of my uncle and aunt also stays in Mangalore. One fine day, he asked me, if I am interested to see some new place beyond Mangalore? I always admired travelling, so it was obvious that I would say “Yes!” and also to avoid getting bored. Sooner than I could realise, that conversation was turned into a sudden by-road trip of 5 (includes my mom, uncle, aunt, granny and me) and we left Mangalore that very evening.

Travelling to COORG

Yes! The decided place was COORG. It is hardly 3 hrs journey from Mangalore by-road. Earlier Coorg – a hill station, was considered as an individual Coorg State which later merged with Mysore State and now, it comes under the state of Karnataka. Madikeri, a beautiful and large hill town, is a capital of Coorg. Also, the hill-station is famous for Coffee plantations around the country.

During monsoon, it is said Coorg is the best place to visit in South Western part of India. Coorg, presently known as Kodagu and the people are generally called as Coorgis. From my mother and granny, I had always heard Coorgis women are very beautiful and men are mostly brainy and brave.

Coffee Plantation. Image Coutesy : Google

Every hill-station had its own beauty and fragrance. Like for instance, in Coorg driving by the coffee estate, the smell- from the plants and the freshly brewed coffee, ahaa that would calm one’s soul.

By the time, we reached, it was mid-evening and dark, so we decided to halt at a rented guesthouse. Early morning, we woke up and got ready. I was the first to step out of the room in excitement. It was an extreme cold weather that day.

“Wow”, the first word came out of my mouth in trembling voice. A scenic beauty- with mountain and the sky touching each other and a stripped like layer of clouds formed in the middle of the mountain behind the house. (The picture is bit grainy, due to low resolution)

The picture is taken during 8 or 9 am in the morning.

Then we headed to the main location of the trip. From Madikeri it took us 1 hour journey and the place was Tibetan Golden Temple in Bylakuppe.

Namdroling Monastery

Soon after we reached the area, it was unbelievable to see that there is a whole tiny tibet colony in the southern part of India which is away from all the liveliness of the city. Every where I could see the people wearing a religious dress namely Sangha dress code. From shopkeeper to fruit seller to the people walking around, everybody is Tibetan.

The reason of their settlement in Bylakuppe was after Chinese took over Tibet, they had no where to go so they decided to settle in this town. There are almost 15000+ refugees and approximately 6000 monks who has settled in this town. This place is considered as the second largest Tibetan settlements outside Tibet. 

After entering inside the Monastery gate, there is a huge Tibetan Buddhist Gurukul in which some young tibetans were doing their morning assembly players. Normally, young Tibetans who wants to seek knowledge and education come to this place.

Tibetan Golden Temple Entrance, Coorg

After walking past campus of Gurukul, we came across a beautiful entrance towards Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple. There was a picture of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, as you can see above. He was believed in the Tibetan Buddhist world as the master of Dzogchen (meaning Great Perfection).

Tibetan Golden Temple, Coorg

This is the main building of the temple, where the Buddhist statues are placed. The main attraction of this temple is the 40 feet tall golden Buddha statues.

(from left to right) 40 feet tall idles of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha Amitayus

There are some more traditional Tibetan items placed around the temple including the picture of His Holiness Dalai Lama.

As we came out of the temple, we were fortunate enough to come across the traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayer which was absolutely soothing to our mind.

Apart from the main statues, there were some other small temples of Buddhas made up of gold along with the miniature of Monastery in Tibet.

The tranquility of this place led us to another world. The walls of the temples and Gurukul was beautifully decorated with the paintings portraying the characters from Tibetan Buddhist Mythology.

This place is one of the known tourist attraction of Coorg but yet there are many people who has no idea about the existence of this place. Tibetan Golden Temple was one of the most closest to my heart because I was thrilled to come across such serene atmosphere and peculiar town in Southern India.

Amazing Facts

  • The real name of the temple is Padmasambhava Buddhist Vihara. 
  • Monks in this town drinks at least 30-35 cups of Po Cha (Tibetan Butter Tea) in a day.
  • The temple was created not only as an offering but to bring peace to the minds of visitors as well as residents.
  • There are many shopping centres near the Monastery to buy traditional Tibetan items.

For me, this place was worth a visit, I believe even you could find peace of mind in this place.

Thank You for reading (:


  1. Well this is very informative.. I love the way you write. well done. I had no idea about this place. Keep it up.

  2. Ohhh wooww.. thankyou for writing these kind of blogs so that we can gain some interesting n extra knowledge abt different kind of places and wht not😍

  3. I just love tibetan culture 😻and now more!!! I cud just visualise everything 🤩 Great way of writing 🤗👏more to go…………………………

  4. After reading your blog now I have added this place into my wish list to visit the Tibetan Golden Temple…
    keep it up and thanks for your interesting post ✌🏻👌🏻

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