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The Voice!

Opened the red door, gloomy inside.

Searched around the corner, nobody replied!

A voice called out to me, seemed like a lady.

I turned around to identify, none I could see!

I asked, “If I know you?”

A dead silence meant to be.

I was frightened,

I cried,

I hollered out to my mother,

but she didn’t reply.

A voice again called out to me,

except this time, she had my name.

Furious, me asked once more, “Who are you, what do you want?”

With a cracked voice, she replied, “I want you to have peace!”

“Peace?”, I questioned.

“Hmmm ahh!”, she hinted.

A reflection of light fell on my face.

“Oh, that’s a mirror!”, I startled gaze.

Went close and saw myself.

Yes! Myself – covered with the bruised face.

Myself, bleeding all over like the corse.

Myself, with the torn clothes.

Myself, with the pale skin.

Myself, with the sore eyes.

Myself, accepting I’m worthless.

Myself, seeing humiliated.

Myself, getting discouraged.

Myself, feeling unloved.

Myself, pleading her happiness to come home!

And, that myself was not me!

That voice of the damaged soul was inside me.


  1. Wonderfully written…1st i thought its about mother..but it turned out to be a mirror…just woow😍😍

  2. Very well written ❤️❤️❤️ Your rhyming skills are getting better with every new poem🥰❣️

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