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Near The Sea!

Walking down the memory lane,

towards the sea.

Barefoot and long miles,

Oh, dear me!

Cradling his hand tight,

filled with glee.

Worn out and sat down,

perceived the revival in me!

His head laid on my lap,

felt like an absentee.

Caressing his hair,

love bursted in me!

That peck on my lips,

snipper-snapper could see.

The canoodling tastes like a sand,

he said and laughed at me!

Resting on his shoulder,

seemed like a settee.

An arrival of twilight,

prevail the natural artsy!

The decision was skeptical,

on his face, I could see.

Oh, my love! I mumbled,

let’s end the night near the sea!


  1. Wow!! Going ways to better and that too at 100mph 🥰❤️ Keep going girl😘😘😘Lots of Love💞❣️

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