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In Just One Day!

The world went upside down, in just one day,

The virus outbreak comes without a warn, in just one day!

Our PM decides to country lockdown, in just one day.

Others try to deny his command, in just one day!


The street dogs get homeless, in just one day,

Our labours get jobless, in just one day!

Beggars get famished in just one day,

People get ruthless, in just one day!


The overcrowded city dies, in just one day,

The faunas came alive, in just one day!

The human race are locked inside, in just one day,

The animal kingdoms are unlocked outside, in just one day!


Many humans couldn’t survive, in just one day,

The doctors obstinate to keep them alive, in just one day!

The sheriff get inflexible to shield the mortals, in just one day,

The mortals get inflexible to shield their freedom, in just one day!


The poisonous smoke from the factories are at hold, in just one day,

The garbage in the river will be under controlled, in just one day!

Mother nature appears untroubled, in just one day,

Seems we, humans were their main trouble, in just one day!


  1. So apt and so true. What a wonderful poem you have written, ‘in just one day’. 😅

    Keep it up NS! ❤️

  2. “In just one day” a felicitous title……….an insight to the past and present!!👏 Keep going dear❤️looking forward for more……….✍️

  3. I love that you have started doing a great and creative thing in this lockdown..
    True and wonderful poem..
    ‘’ In just One day ‘’

  4. Harsh reality of today, wonder how did we manage to screw up this big in just one day.
    Nice job Navya, hope to see some more poems soon ❤️

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