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Ripley’s Made Me Believe It!

I remember seeing the purple cover book held by my bench partner, who was flaunting around with other classmates, during my high school. I wondered, what was so peculiar about that book? I asked and borrowed the book, just to read the name of it.

That purple cover book!

“Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” with a big text below it “Enter if you dare!”, the title of the book screamed! It was obvious, that I was absolute curious to open and read it. When I opened the book, it was quite fascinating. Before I knew it, I already bought the book from the shop after getting home.

As per my half knowledge, I thought it’s just the books collection they sell until I googled and discovered more about it.

Before continuing my further experience, I would like to give you a short introduction about it.

Who and what is Ripley’s Believe It Or Not?

Robert Ripley, an American cartoonist, explorer, reporter, adventurer and collector, founded Ripley’s Believe It or Not in 1918, which deals in bizarre events and items so strange and unusual that readers might question its existence.

He travelled 201 countries in 35 years seeking the odd, the unusual, and the unexplained. In his endless search for unbelievable stories, he acquired hundreds of exotic artefacts from around the world. Isn’t that cool?

Then, he opened seven different “Odditoriums”, typically associated with World Fairs, to house his huge collection. In 1929, he introduced his books, which had collection of his newspaper cartoon drawings.

The success of the first book led to a live radio show, hosted by him weekly. By the mid-1930s, there was unbelievable popularity.

Then, he launched a weekly television show, where he displayed some of his artefacts, drew cartoons on camera, and re-enacted fantastic unbelievable stories, followed by interviews with the actual “stars” of the stories.

Oh yes! It was hard for me to comprehend as well, also I was enlightened to know the book is part of such an exciting backstory to become that successful today.

Below, you will find some of the book snaps what exactly Ripley’s unusual collection is all about.

My trip to Ripley’s Odditorium.

It was during my United Kingdom trip with family, where I chose Ripley’s Believe It or Not over Madame Tussauds museum. Because for me at that time most important place to visit was Ripley’s Odditorium and to see all his artefacts with my naked eyes.

With our one step inside the place, little did we know, we had already been surrounded with all of his collections. Starting with the Mini Cooper covered with crystals to the statue of a boy made up of toys, to the different varieties of butterflies to the Michael Jackson made up of sweets.

It’s better that I will travel you along with me through some of the images, I have captured.

It was an extraordinary and crazy experience, where we hardly come across such unique things and people in our lives under the same roof. As Ripley’s is considered as one of the tourist attraction in London, we couldn’t held ourselves to capture some memories inside the Black hole and with green screen visual effects.

Hence, The Ripley exhibit collection represents over 100 years of collecting by Robert Ripley and his corporate heirs.

The foundation of the over 25,000 piece collection was gathered and assembled by Ripley himself on his many travels around the world, later the Jim Pattison group took over Ripley’s and continued to add new pieces to the collection almost daily.


Here, you will find some thrilling reality fact about one of his most popular exhibits.

Ripley’s also acquired two African fertility statues. According to tribal legend, to ensure a couple’s fertility the statues are to be placed on either side of a doorway leading into a bedroom. If a woman or her spouse touches either statue as they enter the room, they will soon get Pregnant.

It is said that thousands of women have testified that after trying to conceive for years, they got pregnant after laying their hands on the legendary statues.

His famous African fertility statues have traveled around the world to every Ripley Odditorium three times since 1996. They were on permanent display at their Orlando Odditorium, but due to popular demand, the statues are back on tour!

For more further details on fertility statues, you can go through this website –

Also, if you are an Indian or non UK resident, please do not worry, Ripley’s has more than 30 Odditoriums around the globe, so you can visit to any of your nearest one!

In case, You want to watch some of his 1930s TV shows –

Now, this is where I end. Thank You for reading. 🙂

Stay Tuned!


  1. Amazingly written girl👍 So proud of what you are doing!!🥰 I had no idea as to what this exactly was?? But after reading your blog I find this interesting… I am willing to go to his museum now, I deffo will once the COVID19 ends 🙏
    Best of Luck🥰❤️ Keep going💃🏻😘

  2. Very nice written, and its interesting, I’m also willing to go to this museum soon 🤩🤩

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  4. Very well written Navya.. Bought back so many good memories.. hope you guys can visit us soon again xx

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