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My First Day in Mauritius

‘Mauritius’- People call it as one of the romantic destination. A destination to spend time with their soulmate, to know each other, to capture crazy and beautiful memories, and what not . But talking about me, in my case it was totally different scenario. Yes! I was with my beloved ones, unfortunately not with my soulmate. But it was none other than my parents with me in my whole Mauritius trip.

My dad, a person who is not so jolly, not so adventurous, not so extrovert has always been the opposite side of my mother’s persona. And my mom, she has always been fun loving , exciting, extrovert, adventurous, most active but an aqua phobic. Now think about visiting a romantic place with such a weird combination of two people with you. Yes, it is really very difficult to carry two different people for such an exotic trip but it is always in the hands of the children how they make their parents to come out of their comfort zone and join in their children’s jollity. Similarly, I did it with my parents in my whole trip.


When we first saw Mauritius from the air, it was lush green and improbably jagged hills. And after few miles away we could see the airport. “Welcome to Plaine Coral Airport” announced by the pilot, after landing.

Picture Courtesy: Google

Surprisingly, the airport did not seem like an airport from the outer structure, it looked more like a huge house. Once we entered inside, we actually did not get the vibe of the airport, it was way simple & sober interiors and with less use of technology. Honestly, I felt bit cooler about that. Then we headed towards the immigrant officer. Believe me, the queue was too long, since there was only 2 immigration booths. “Enjoy yourselves in Paradise!” said the immigration officer with a big smile as he handed back our passports. In all our travel history, we rarely come across such immigration officials who smiles at you, and there and then we decided that our trip is going to be very special as the day was unusual.

After coming out of the airport, the feeling of being into the part of an island was totally absorbing. The silver sedan car booked by our travel agent was already waiting outside the airport to drive us to the hotel. The roads and the journey till the hotel, it was so pleasurable. Finally, we reached our destination- ‘ Laguna beach hotel and spa’, one of the best resorts, was a high, thatched roof made of sugar cane leaf, and the receptionist welcoming us with a plumeria garland. And then, dad went to the reception to get the keys, I went along with him. The main reason of me joining with him till the reception was to inquire about the internet, what else could I ask for as a teenager? As I wanted to brag about my travel diaries, about my journey, show the pictures to the world and also if in case, I wanted to chat. 😛

Walking down the way, we found a small bridge inside the hotel connecting the reception and the dining hall. Below the bridge there was a narrow pond which had a different types of tropical fishes in it. Interestingly, Our personal villa was near the pool where 2-3 guests of the hotel were swimming and the pool was attached with the bar counter at the right.  The 3/4th part of the hotel was covered by the sea. The rooms were simple and pretty much big for three people. Our first day ended up exploring the hotel, eating our diner with the other guests and then, sitting at the beach side, talking about our old memories and gazing the stars.

Being a resident of India, I could find many similar things in Mauritius. Firstly, right side steering wheel in the car unlike in other western countries. Secondly, Mauritians look more like Tamilians (people living in Tamil Nadu, South India). Since, the history says it all and therefore, they are known as Indo-Mauritian. Third, excess use of coconuts in their food. And last but not the least their names, which is similar to Indian names.

Well! This is where I end my first day trip to Mauritius. More blogs are coming up about the exotic trip. Stay Tuned!

I hope you liked my blog. Thank You for reading! 🙂



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