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Once Upon A Time : Friendship Day

Friendship day – A day for celebrating friendship. A day to spend some moments with your friends. A day to express your feelings for your friends. A day to make this abbreviation prove correct i.e. F- Few , R- Relations , I- In , E- Earth , N- Never , D- Die.

Really? Do we have so much time to spend for our friends? Do we make them feel as special as we used to make at one point of time? Do we continue expressing the same feelings in front of them? Do we?

Actually, from my side the answer is NO.

Frankly speaking! I miss my childhood. The real essence of this friendship day was celebrated at that age. There was no big party to celebrate as such , but there was a time, where the excitement level for this day was on high point. To meet your friends and tie friendship bands was the new vogue of that time. To cover your both the hands and neck with stylish bands, bracelets and chains. To compete with your own friends with your band collections. To wear white tee and fill all of your white tee and also your face and hands with black marker. To purchase expensive or special gifts for the only ones who were known to be “THE BEST FRIENDS”. To exchange cards and chocolates. And what not.

If we discuss these small little things among each other, we complain that – “WE WERE IMMATURE” at that time. But in that immature period of time , we had too many memories to cherish! Why don’t we have it now? We are now mature enough. Right?

Sometimes, I really wonder to go back to those childish days and relive my real happiness. Unlike the present generation , where you receive HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY with some love emoticons, either on Whatsapp or Facebook with friendship picture tags. Like nowadays, keeping a text is more than enough , but not calling a friend. Perhaps we wait to receive a call instead of dialing their number.

It’s not only their fault, it’s our mistake as well. We aren’t trying to keep our life simple. We are just complicating it more – by bringing up our ego, prestige , time , self-importance , jealousy and all negative vibes & imaginations. You know why? The answer we will get is this- Because we are grown-up and life changes after we grew up. Growing up, distance friendships?

No! According to me, we create our own imagination, where friendship has no reason to be pointed. Mostly every time we at last come across thinking that our friends might be busy or they have their own colleagues to hang around with or we bring up our ego in between like- why should I text/ wish them, even they can wish me first and do the needful! Or consoling yourself with some foolish reason like- they might be busy with some one special in their life and they forgot to wish me. Why to assume so much. Did we ever try to ask their whereabouts? Did we ever think of so many things, before becoming friends? Why do we think so much now, after being a part of their life.

This blog is for all those like me, who come across such stupid imaginations and destroyed our friendship. Hope from this day onward, let’s just not only stop bringing up our negative imaginations, but from now also to try, to maintain same relation which we had ONCE UPON A TIME with our friends, because it’s our friends day and they matter the most, so do their memories spent with us .

#happy friendship day 🙂


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