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The Spellbound Effigy: Murudeshwar Temple

To catch the train in the late afternoon is amazing time for all those people like me who loves to wake up late , do their brush with no rush, get ready like a princess and yes, how can I forget – to do the last moment backpacking which is an every Indian’s rut and to reach railway station before time.

Well! After I grew up, I rarely travelled in trains. But whenever I use to travel, back in my childhood days from Mumbai to Mangalore, I always occupied window seat not to admire- sun, trees, sky, birds, tunnels, rivers, and everything which come across the way. I simply wanted to have a glimpse of dim and tall statue of Lord Shiva around 5 a.m. which was only visible when we use to cross Murudeshwar town (175km away from Mangalore) in rail.

Isn’t this sound crazy? I used to sit at window seat , just to wait for 13 h to cross 867 km from Mumbai to Murudeshwar town, so that I could see this effigy that too for a short period of time (not even less than 2 min).

After few years, I felt like, might be I was dreaming. I didn’t know, what that place, actually was? Was that a town with a big effigy or a temple or just an effigy in the plain land or a beautiful dream?


Hmm… It was last year when I was just surfing on my laptop. As I am a peace lover, I always found peace in pilgrimage places, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and many more. So I thought of visiting some beautiful temples in Karnataka. And while surfing, see what did I find in the image section?

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.57.13 PM

The first image is the effigy of Lord Shiva which I use to admire in all my childhood days while traveling in train. I really didn’t knew, it would be so mesmerizing when I was going through the other images. All I could remember is the “DIM AND TALL STATUE OF LORD SHIVA”. While reading in-detailed information about it,  I understood it is a temple called “MURUDESHWAR TEMPLE”. And I was not dreaming, it actually existed for REAL. Then after convincing, my parents ,we made a very next day plan to visit Murudeshwar Temple.

Trip To Murudeshwar Temple

After reaching the spot , I could see this..

A long and huge temple tower which was hiding the statue of Lord Shiva. After moving inside the temple tower the next thing I can see is this…


While getting more closer to this idol, it was making my eyes feel more calm and ecstatic. Still I was not aware about the proper height of this idol as I was few distance away from it.

While looking around the temple, I saw there were number of small temples, each devoted to a god. This is a general style in South India, wherein the temple itself, has a number of small temples. After worshipping each, now it was a time to take the darshan of the Lord Murudeshwara.

And my current reaction -” OH! MY GOD”. I was standing in front of 123 feet(37 m) tall idol of Lord Shiva, which is also considered to be the second highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. Murudeshwara is actually a form of Shankara Mahadev and he had taken this form to fight the demons who used to trouble the rishis performing meditation. That is why this form of shankara looks very aggressive. The local people have a lot of faith in this god.

FullSizeRender (18)

We then proceeded to the hillock on which the idol of Shiva is located. Its a nice hillock with lot of greenery and the idol really stands out due to its height. The view at the top is worth watching as you can watch the beach and the sea from the 18th floor of the temple tower.

There are a number of sculptures created around the idol. I liked one of Lord Shri Krishna in his chariot giving the geeta updesha to arjuna. There is one more of Ganapati with Vyas Muni writing Mahabharata. Also, there are small idols of rishis doing meditation (different forms of dhyana) and one of ravana holding the shivlinga in his hand and the story of Lord Shiva forming Murudeshwara.

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After capturing few pictures, we headed towards the Murudeshwar beach.

The beach is okay types, not very clean but still we can sit here for some time. There is one restaurant called Naveen Beach Restaurant which is right in the water. It is surrounded by water from all sides and a narrow road takes us to the restaurant. We had a nice “late lunch” at this place and we noticed that, the clear sky was turning dark at the beach side. So we left the place as we need to travel more 155km from then.5

While heading back home, we got an opportunity to have a glimpse of this beautiful temple which seemed more beautiful and attractive at night.

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