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Are we too inhuman to accept humans?

Hello people! You might be thinking – why such a headline or am I going to change the whole concept of my blog instead of my travel diary? Not true, this blog is all about food, travel, nature, lifestyle and also meeting up new people.

Did I just write meet new people? Well! Yes I did. A traveller always get curious to meet new people to know their culture, lifestyle, food and everything about that place. But why am I scared to explore new places with my female friends? Will the society take my friendship in a wrong way? Are they going to call me lesbian, when I’ll hold my female friend’s hand in public? Will I be also killed?

All these questions aroused when recently, I was going through the news of Orlando’s deadliest mass shooting in a Gay Nightclub. And when I found such insensitive behavior , I thought of sharing my point of view on this.

I really don’t understand what is wrong in being LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) ? No one dreams of becoming one of those, but people should know, it’s the attraction of same gender which tends to create such feelings which make them fall under this category. I am not LGBTQ but it doesn’t mean I’ll shoot and kill them. I really don’t understand what was he (shooter) trying to prove. Would shooting erase LGBTQ in this world? Why does such people not understand, it’s their real character, not the habit which can be changed or removed.

I always wonder of traveling with my female friends to abroad. We basically are too friendly among each other – we do hug, we hold hands in public, keep my hand on their shoulder while walking. Do we belong to LGBTQ? NO, we don’t belong to LGBTQ, but it doesn’t mean someone else will pay for my death, without knowing the truth? Do I need to be alert? No, these cruel people doesn’t  have any right to insecure our lives.

The fact is people are trying to become too inhuman to accept the humans in their life. All the five fingers aren’t same, it means everyone one is different in their own way, but still these orthodox thinkers want everyone to follow the same law of magnetic poles (opposite-attracts, similar-repel). LGBTQ are also humans. Why to differentiate them from others, when they want nothing but love, true friendship who can understand them, appreciate their character and moreover, to gain their respect in the society. Bloggers can only attempt to change the point of view of readers, but readers can actually change their own perspective. One change can create too much of wellness in this world.

#saveLGBTQ #respect


Thank you (:


  1. Hey Ginelle..
    Thank you so much for reading and correcting my mistakes … Being a new writer, I knew it somewhere I will face such grammatical problems… I have changed accordingly ..Hope you will read my upcoming posts and will also place a comment further, like you did in this post 🙂

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