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A Belief: Bhuta Kola (part-3)

I know, you might have already felt like killing me, after reading my second part of this blog, but I promise! I won’t develop more curiosity in you guys anymore!

So after knowing who these BHUTAS are and how did they deserted to Earth, in my last blog. Now its time to know, why do we worship them?

Well! After inquiring too much, I realized the “authentic” story was untold.

Here, the story begins:

Once Beere( Kalkuda) made a fine sculpture of Lord Bahubali (Lord of Jainism community) which had become  more prominent in the whole South Kannada districts.

At that time, there was a former king who use to rule in the Karla town, Karnataka. And he was overly impressed from this famous statue made by Beere(kalkuda). So that, no one would ever be able to sculpt such a marvelous statue again, the king cut off his one hand and one leg.


Statue of Lord Bahubali Sculpted by Kalkuda in Karla,Karnataka. Picture courtesy: Google

Beere(kalkuda) felt ineffectual and started regretting, on making such a beautiful statue. Karla, made him remind, of this brutish behavior of the king. So, he decides to leave that town and move to a nearby place called Venur.

When he reached somewhere, in between Karla and Venur. He realized that he can’t lose his hopes. And again, he tries to sculpt the statue of Lord Bahubali with his disable body.

Meanwhile, Kalamma(kallurthi) searches the whole of the Karla town, but she doesn’t find her brother. So, she starts searching him by moving to nearby places. When she arrived the same place, and saw her brother in a worst condition, made her eyes burst into tears.

Keeping everything aside, she takes an oath of giving a worse life to the King. Suddenly, when she took an oath, they heard a voice from the cloud, which spew out the truth about their real personality.

After knowing the truth; they trudged to one of the most devoted temple in Venur and prayed to God, to get back into their originality and then, they jumped inside the holy well.

Did they come back? I asked. Granny replied:”Yes! They did.”

Kalkuda comes back in a very weird look with a dark skin tone and one white spot on his fore head with his disable body, holding a firelight in his hand. (Here, in this picture below, you could not find Kalkuda’s one leg and one hand because this dance is performed by the real humans.)


Kalkuda holding firelight in his hand.

And Kallurthi also comes back, with a darkish skin tone holding a firelight in her one hand and cobra cane in the other.

So, here I got one of the answer to my question – why they look so weird?

My granny noticed my puzzled face as she knew, till now I did not receive the answer to my main question I was looking for. So she continued….

The King was going unwell from many days even after taking medicines, so he thought of consulting an astrologer. As per astrologer, there were 2 people(Kallurthi-Kalkuda) from heaven who had arrived in this world, and they were the main reason of his being unwell.

When the astrologer gave more specification about Kalkuda’s body, the king realized its none other than the famous sculptor, Beere. So, the king asked for the solution.


The King was asked to built a Daivasthana(worshipping place of Bhutas) to get forgiveness from these siblings. And in that Daivasthana , every year Kola must take place or else it will turn into a very sinful place.

Though she was younger than Kalkuda,but Kallurthi played a very important role of his elder sister and gave him justice.

From then, whenever their name was chanted – Kallurthi would always be recalled first.(“KALLURTHI“-KALKUDA)



From that day onwards these Daivas are generally  performed by professionals who basically belong to the lower castes of the society. They have experience in performing kola and are dedicated to it and are paid for it too.

It is believed that during Kola, for a fraction of seconds the real Daiva’s Spirit comes into the person performing it and they predict or can foresee the future. They are worshiped with utmost respect and dignity.

After listening to this story, I realized that everything has its own back-story. Nothing happens without any reason. It is not a taboo, its just a belief that Mangalorean’s follow.

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Thank You (:

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