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A Belief: Bhuta Kola (part-2)

Well I really need to divide into episodes, or else you might just get bored. And definitely I don’t want that to happen.

I had an encyclopedia at my native place and that’s none other than my Granny!

I decided to ask all my doubts, though I had a little fear in me, but if I keep this questions in mind then how is it you’ll get to read and know what it all means?

For your sake and for my inquisitive and zero patience attitude made me ask her.


Performers getting their hair done tightly before Kola Dance.

And the story begins:

Bhuta Kola are also known as the worship of Daivas or Butas or Demi-Gods.

It’s an ancient ritual prevalent among the Tulu speaking community in the South Kannada districts in Karnataka. They are known to be the attendants of Lord Shiva.

There are different types of Kola performed in different places in Mangalore, but in our place we worship to “Kallurthi-kalkuda“.


Kallurthi-Kalkuda Kola Dance.

Kallurthi-Kalkuda are siblings and also known as demigods, who were deserted to earth from heaven.

Now this is an interesting thing to know off!

Once upon a time, there was a meeting held in heaven, while Lord Brahma (head of Brahmin) couldn’t come to attend it.

Kallurthi- Kalkuda decided to call Vishwakarma (presiding deity of all vishwakarma caste) and the meeting began.

This wasn’t liked by the Lord Brahma, and he got offended and in anger he cut off the head of Kallurthi-Kalkuda and threw them to the Earth.

He cursed them to live a life like a normal human being and suffer the difficulties that other human beings go through.

Further, I got to know that, Kallurthi and Kalkuda came to Earth with a new life and new identity.

They gave birth in a Vishwakarma caste as siblings. Their father was a well-known sculptor in the whole town of Karla,Karnataka.

BEERE was the 6th son, formerly named Kalkuda , while KALAMMA was the 7th daughter, formerly named Kallurthi.

In their early age, they faced many difficulties and also lost their father.

Being a well-known sculptor’s son, Beere(kalkuda) tried to learn sculpting and slowly took over his father’s job. Then, he became a very popular sculptor like his late father.

This is how they came to Earth and lived their normal life.

So, two things were clear in my mind that who were they and how did they come to ?

But I did not understand why do we worship them?

I inquired my granny. She said very calmly-“Wait! Have Patience!! The main story is yet to come”.

And I was far more curious to know what’s coming next?

Hang On! You might kill me for this…

Oh yes you guessed it right!! Next Blog it is…..

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