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A Belief: Bhuta Kola (Part-1)

Traveling from your hometown to your native, after a long period of time, have its own beauty and happiness inside you.

Similarly, going back to Mangalore from Mumbai and meeting up my only grandmother,  gives me immense happiness and self-relaxation. She is the best story teller I have ever met!

             -: Bhuta Kola Of Kallurthi-Kalkuda :-

From childhood, my family and me always attended the ritual function known as BHUTA KOLA which is held every year. Growing up is a stage where children try to know and understand things. The same way, when I grew up and started attending this KOLA in my adolescence stage, it was the time where I felt like knowing more about this function.

Being a child, it was an entertaining task for me, to watch performers wearing an elaborate makeup, costume and performing a dance. It usually happens in the midst of night-“The Night of Bhuta Kola”.

As much I enjoyed the fest, I always had few doubts in my head,

  • Why do we worship them?
  • Why do they perform in front of us?
  • What is the reason behind doing this?
  • Why do they look so weird?
  • Why Why Why!! Phew….

I guess I am normal in thinking that way, if it isn’t I am loving the fact of being abnormal.

Now the question is who will be able to answer this questions and will it be right to ask elders? Will it hurt their feelings on their trust and belief? Or

It might just change the way I think about it!

Find my next blog to know what happens next to this entire –“The Night of Bhuta Kola”.

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