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A Tea To Remember

After 29 days in Redditch, the feeling of leaving that place and going back to Mumbai was woeful. Since we had 1 more day left, not even a complete day, it was just 15-18hrs left. My mom and me hadn’t started our packing yet and we were just thinking to start stuffing things in our baggages .

Suddenly, my aunt called off mom to come outside the room, and they had a word with eachother. I simply asked my aunt-“What happened?”, she said-“Nothing! I just want you to leave everything and get ready in 5 mins.” Again I asked her back-“What’s the plan? Where are we going?” She replied me in a silent tone-“It’s a secret for you.”

So, from wearing clothes to sitting inside the car till reaching the destination; I made thousands of guesses, but none of them were right.

Unfortunately, the car reached its destination, but I was left with no clue and wondering inside – “What this secret is all about?” Then my uncle goes inside a persian restaurant and book a table for four.

Secret Reveals

After going inside the restaurant. We receive a corner table. I was bewildered and waited for 5-10 mins and more. But the curiosity inside me was slowly turning into irritation, so finally I asked them-“Is the dinner plan in Birmingham, was the secret?” They laughed and called a captain to place an order. Meanwhile, the captain was coming, I started checking out the menu-card in anger. After he arrived, my aunt placed an order-‘2 plates of Chello Chicken Kebabs with 4 Persian Tea.’


Chello Chicken Kebabs

Persian tea?

 “Persian Tea? What’s that?” I questioned. My aunt replied:”YES!” I asked again with a quirky face:”Huh! so this was the secret?” My uncle replied:”Yes! This is the secret. Persian tea are not the normal tea which we drink on our daily basis. It is far more different than the regular ones. It is also called Irani Chai(tea). They serve the tea in a Persian tea pot with the white sugar cubes in the sugar pot. It is made from a tradition device called Samovar,which originates from Russia. They add a specific masala which is made in Persia only.”

As I am a coffee lover, I never loved tea. After listening, in-detailed information about this tea, I was excited enough to be served. Finally the tea arrived with the persian food. It was a delightful experience. Before drinking, I was already getting attracted by the smell. I started guessing what all things might be present inside the tea.

FullSizeRender (8)

Persian Teapot and Sugar pot.

Ha ha ha! I was feeling like a MASTER CHEF, while judging the ingredients. Then, I added 2 sugar cubes and stirred well. The time I took a sip, I couldn’t stop myself and continue finishing my cup. I drank more than 2 cups of tea. Slowly I was realizing that I was turning into a tea lover.The smell to its taste was too much different than the other teas.

Persian Tea experience was one of the most beautiful experience of my Uk diary.



Thank You (:


  1. A food blog from miss travell buff ✈️ N-Navya ☺️ Its a pleasure to have a friend like u ❀️ I loved ur blog n hope so soon will go again to have a Persian tea β˜•οΈ πŸ˜„ #keepgoing πŸ‘

  2. It’s a really good write up!
    U have gotta a long way to go Girl πŸŽ‡β˜ΊπŸ˜˜

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